Monday, March 14, 2011

Monumenta Sepulcroum – Self Titled EP review (by Dracolord)

Monumenta Sepulcroum – Self Titled EP review

Monumenta Sepulcroum is one of those EPs made up of one very long song. It is a nice blend of depressive black metal and dark ambiance that does it's job well. I'm feeling terrible right now, and this EP is just making it so much worse. That is how you know when you're listening to good depressive black metal.

The vocals, while unintelligible, add a nice texture to the EP itself. I doubt I'd be able to understand it anyway if they weren't muffled/over-reverbed due to the band being a collaboration with persons from Italy and Brazil. There is a nice mixture of fuzzy, sustained guitar chords and various keyboard voices that fill out this EP.

In a way the song structure reminds me of a typical Dark Metamorphosis song in which there is guitar that drops out in the middle of the song and returns for the end.. The only thing different is that DM likes to thrash it up a bit, and I doubt Monumenta Sepulcroum plays anything above 120 bpm quarter notes (not that I'm complaining about that).

I can honestly recommend checking this band and their EP out. While they don't do anything new with the depressive black metal sound, it is a solid release.

You can find Monumenta Sepulcroum at the following sites.

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