Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Smouldering In Forgotten - Legions Into Black Flames Review (by D)

Smouldering In Forgotten is a band from Providence, Rhode Island that is filled with black metal blood. European sounding, and very well produced. Cross of technical death metal meets black metal outfit.

This album is a 2007 release, and the band is filled with ongoing rage from start to finish. The intro starts off with some eerie, and cult like voices... very deranged and spooky. Pretty neat samples too. The song then jumps straight into the madness, and continues to pummel you down till you cant get back up.

They raise the black metal flag up high, and fans of "Watain and Behemoth" will dig these guys for sure, but I just do not think they are as "dynamic"... as most black metal bands I heard. They definitely live up to the sound, look, and dark ways though. This album is available through Old Cemetary Records. You can contact them at these links... -D

Originally independently released in smaller quanitities in the band's local
area on January 1st 2007.
Released on CD by Old Cemetery Records July 27th 2007 limited to 1000 copies.
2.Legions Into Black Flames05:50
3.Vengeance Of An Evil Eye07:20
4.All Is One Until Death06:19
5.Thou Shall Attain What Thou Deserve08:04
6.The Fallen World Of The Cursed08:10
7.Eternal Sinner Of Hell08:10
8.God Of The Underworld04:50
9.The Reincarnation Of The Judgement Star05:04
10.Invoking The Night Spirit03:04
11.Unholy Infernal Black Metal10:03
Total playing time01:07:53

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