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Interview with Zach of BRUTAL DEATH FUCK!!!

Welcome to Transylvanian Forest E-zine Mr. Moonshine! How you been? 
Pretty fucking good thank you

1) How long have you been making music for? And why under such violent themes? And why do you make SUCH heavy freaking riffs? Hmmmm? ;) 
Well lets see I have been playing guitar for about 20 years and I have been recording and making music for about 15 years started out as a member of an industrial band called "Torso" in the early 90s . That didn’t last too long but I learned allot from the experience and went on to form a new band called "Perversions of Truth"  which was also very industrial especially in the beginning but it was very experimental as well mixing grunge , metal and ambient trance like drone shit together ..Actually I have no idea what we were really doing it was always changing. After that I started a new band called "Skull Grinder" which was much more focused on metal and that band broke up around 2006. "Skull Grinder” is where the originals of songs like "Alcohol" and "Elizabeth" were formed ... and now I look back and think all of this was like the steps needed to bring me to "BDF".
As for the themes behind the music and lyrics its almost all based on personal experiences in my life but I like to keep things somewhat open to interpretation so the listener can find there own connections within the madness of it all.
And the heavy riffs ...well there just fun to play. And I like recording shit that makes me pump my fist, bang my head and crank my stereo up \m// ha-ha.
2) I see your last album was called Cunts of Disease, and you are working on the newest album? What lies ahead for Brutal Death Fuck?
Well actually a few songs started as a self titled demo that was “Bulldozing Piles of Dead Bodies“, “Drinking the Blood of Gods“, Children of the Necronomicon” and “Baptized in Cum“… Then after that I got a new studio so I  rerecorded them all except the instrumental "Bulldozing Piles” and they will be part of the album “Cunts of Disease” along with other tracks like “Sodomized on the Crucifix” , “Alcohol” , “Elizabeth” , the title track and possibly a couple more .. My good friend and artist Kenny just finished the painting that will be the album cover for "Cunts" he gave it to me the other day and its fuckin beautiful and disgusting at the same time so that’s lit a bit of fire under my ass to finish up this record n get it out sometime within the next few months hopefully...and I have already started writing material for the next album as well and it will be a continuation of the “BDF” sound just probably more evolved , more experimentation , more brutality ha-ha really who knows man that’s all in the future ..
3) Any cool, funny, scary, or weird child hood moments you like to mention? 
Hmm well let’s see actually there’s a bit of my childhood at the end of “Sodomized on the Crucifix“. And no this wont be the emo story u might think from a title like that ha-ha actually at the end of the track I start chanting in Arabic I am saying (yella arggn deenik arggse ) and I’m not sure if that’s how its spelled but that’s how it sounds any way the reason for this is when I was growing up I had a stepfather that was Lebanese and when he would get pissed he would yell that at the top of his lungs over n over. Me n my sister always new that meant we were gonna get our asses kicked lmao so back then it was kind of scary n later on as I grew up I asked my mom what it meant she said she thought it meant goddamn your mother to hell ?...well when I was recording the song “Sodomized on the Crucifix” and at the end I had that riff that’s like a separate song to itself and I was trying to figure out what else to add to it ...well I was sitting there listening to it over n over and smoking a joint and I thought about my step dad for some reason I heard him saying that in my head so I started growling it out loud and it sounded really fuckin cool ..I called my wife into the studio and said listen to this and it sounded perfect with the riff. So it was kind of meant to be…
4) What does BRUTAL DEATH FUCK mean to you, and how did you come up with such a name for your band? 
it kind of just came as a joke when I was recording bulldozing piles of dead bodies I was like what the hell am I gonna call this fucking band and one day I was like BRUTAL DEATH FUCK that’s 3 of my favorite words and they work great together and I think they kind of show that I don’t take things too seriously ...well some things I do and some things I don’t... plus it pretty much makes sure I will always be in the underground and out of the mainstream!
5) Will BDF always be strictly just you? Or have you been working with other musicians? Or before or plan to do so? 
Well I have had a friend Richard Howard that played a guitar track on "Elizabeth" and things worked out really well so I think he will be on the next album and become a permanent member  I have also been talking to a drummer so we are gonna see what happens I would like to have a full band for the next record and at least to be able to play live again with  a band would be great these songs are very fuckin fun to play live so it would be good but its not like I will kill myself to make it happen either I am pretty content just recording music myself if its what I have to do my main thing is just to get the music out of me and into my car stereo so I can crank it up and enjoy it who knows what the future holds maybe live maybe not ..It all depends on allot but right now it looks good 
6) Any gigs coming up or plans for one? 
“Destruction of Earth Fest 2012”
7) How has the fan reaction been so far? And what would you like to call your fans? Other then the "Dead Heads"... ;)
Ha-ha I call them Brutal Death Fuckers!!!
And it’s been surprisingly great and I have gotten great response on some internet radio stations and 
8) Any names you like to mention that influenced you, or bands, or personal experiences at all? 
I like allot of the old shit man I like bands that made a change in music bands like Black Sabbath Pink Floyd , Frank Zappa , old Type O Negative and Carnivore , bands not afraid to take chances. I also am influenced by early Iron Maiden , Mercyful Fate , Venom , Judas Priest ,  Metallica , Slayer ,  Pantera , Megadeth , Alice in Chains and allot of the death metal from the 90s like Deicide , Obituary ,  Grave , Six Feet Under , Cannibal Corpse and also black metal like Satyricon and Dark Throne and right now I am really digging Mastodon allot and Hooded Menace Acid Witch .. Fuck I could go on and on all day on this subject I listen to so much metal!
9) When was your first show, and describe the feelings? 
My first show was when I was playing in "perversions of truth" at the legion in Jackson Tennessee most of the night is a blur but I remember some key things. We got offered the headlining slot it was a bunch of local bands playing that night and when they asked us to play last we thought that meant they really liked us…hahaha which we later found out wasn’t the case because we ended up playing at like 2 in the morning after most of the crowd had left it was basically all our friends and bands and the roadies that was left. But we didn’t give a fuck… We barely rehearsed anything we had a few songs that we kind of new n most of it was improv. We were all drinking all night while the other bands were playing and smoking weed in the parking lot I remember sitting in my car puking out the window and then trying to piss into a beer bottle and it was messy I got piss all over my pants had puke on my shirt ...then our drummer comes and grabs me , says dude we got to get our shit on stage we go on next... 5 minutes later I walked onto the stage and started to tune my guitar n somebody its fuckin POT because we had a banner hanging up that we made out of a white sheet we spray painted a big red pentagram on it with the letters P.O.T. but I don’t think many people except our friends new what that meant so they called us pot ha-ha we didn’t care we blasted into our set and thrashed like crazy for about n hour all mostly improv too it was so sloppy but it was a great time !
10) How long have you been part of the underground music scene and do you have any advice for any bands out there? 
I have always gone toward the underground I like the outcasts it’s where I feel at home ya know… I’m not gonna say there’s nothing in the mainstream I don’t like but I think the underground is where it’s at. I appreciate bands that make music for the love of music and not corporation and commercial bullshit the fm radio and TV tries to force-fed down everybody’s throats and brainwash them with fuck that shit  and now with the internet its so much easier for us to enjoy our shit and seek out underground bands with the webzines and internet radio stations that support it and i am an avid subscriber to decibel magazine they work really hard promoting bands u would never hear about on mtv or any fm radio so that’s really cooL
As far as advise id say just do what you want and do it for the passion of music fuck trying to fit into something or conform just be yourself and have fun don’t take shit too seriously!
11) Any bands or musicians out there you like, but lie in other realms of music besides metal? Any bands you are not ashamed to mention? 
I really like Radio Star SF a lot , they are more of a hard rock band but i dig them allot there an underground band from the bay area that does what they like n don’t sound like everything else. I also like Celtic stuff like Loreena Mckinnet… Hank III is bad as fuck too and that’s country so I’m pretty open as long as it’s cool to me
                                                       (HANK III)
12) How long have you been playing guitar for? And I see a BIG influence and just a "Dimebag aura" every time I watch your videos. Are you his distant cousin??? Or a brother from another mother??? ;) 
Ha-ha well about 20 years and i love dime he was a great player. Not related lmao 
13) Is there any way you could come, and kill NY anytime soon with a gig? 
Anything’s possible! \m//
14) What do you like more, drinking, weed or pussy?????? ;) 
Hah-ha that’s depends on the occasion
15) What is your "purpose" on this planet that we call Earth, and what lies ahead for you this year??? Any long term goals??? 
I have no fucking idea man hah-hah i take it as it comes one day at a time
16) Any last words to your friends, family, friends out there? Thanks man!!!! And good luck to you, and on all your great work. Keep it brutal and strong brother! -D
Keep smoking weed, drinking beer and eating pussy!!!

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  1. Brutal Death Fuck Kicks ASS!!!!!!!!! Great Interview. \m/ Metal to the Masses \m/