Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The opening track sends chills down my spine, and goosebumps on my arms, or is it winter and its cold in here??? Another frozen classic, by Appalachian Winter, I popped this cd in with out knowing any thing about them, and was struck with awe. Instant love for this album! Track 1 to 9, and just perfect for any day for me to play it.

Each song has something unique to offer, and but once the 3rd track kicks in with the intro, I cant stop playing it. It is called In Fear Before The Coming Storm. Fantastic vocals for the intro, clean, and uplifting. The pace kicks in eventually, its fast, cunning, smart, and fits well for the song itself. Keyboards are also a bigger asset on this album now then ever, pushing the symphonic metal style a bit further.

Some folk style is found in the instrumentals, and other passages in tracks. The album overall is a 10+ in my book. Listen to all, these albums are something you cant skip through. Full album is 9 tracks, and if you want to get it, ask Dan, and find A.W. on Facebook. Great and brilliant album here! You will be hooked if you get it, and its other 2 albums.  -D

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