Friday, March 18, 2011

ALOST / ANCIENT REIGN split + Blog spot support!!! EXCLUSIVE (by D)

I stumbled onto this blog spot today, and suggest you check it out, many great albums up for download, including a band I will be reviewing soon... This blog spot is called Into Thy Woods!!! and here is the split ANCIENT REIGN is featured on... ALOST is another winner too! Enjoy!!! -D

Country: France//Canada
Genre: Unorthodox Black Metal//Melodic True Black Metal
Year: 2010
Length: 37 mn
1. Burning Forest
2. Those from the Other Side
3. Human (Part 2 / The Final Piece)
4. Le Brouillard de nos Vies (Interlude)
5. To Watch the Blood...
Ancient Reign:
6. Mist of the Mountian Sides
7. The Dark Winds of Eternity
8. Over Great Vastlands
9. Where Torches Burn in the Moonlight Eclipse (Outro)


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