Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I like you to witness all that is ohmazing, this is for brohammers only!!! Check out these albums by these guys, and spread the word! -D

Kvasta - Season ov Bliss

As spring has come, Kvasta emerges and stuff because there was a Tar Bubble in it!!! /ff/

Azordon is going full force now that this is complete and I am already working on the next release which should be around this summer or something. I will also be re-recording some older material such as the Sarmak Tribute since that was lost way back in 2009 and I have gotten a little better so I can do something new with that. And I will re-record some Kvasta tracks from the debut album (not the ones I have already re-recorded and featured on other releases!) and a couple from Second Dimension ov Reality that I think can be much prettier now maybe!

It is going to be a fun year like it already has been with boils and cubes!

Now enjoy the album and have a wonderful spring!!! /ff/

Season ov Bliss:
  1. The Last Snow
  2. Journey ov Warmth
  3. Fallen Shrine
  4. Kvasta III
  5. Season ov Bliss
  6. To the Black Sky!


    S.STORMHAMMER speaks....
    Hails once more. Here is the latest in my works, crafted by supreme necromantic hate and disgust for all things living. I call it, N'Gasta, the demo for 2010. Enjoy.

    1: Prolog
    2: I - Das Zusammenrufen
    3: II - Freunde Der Dunklen Weg*
    4: III - Unsterblichkeit
    5: IV - Reinheit
    6: V - Geisterbeschwörung

    * An instrumental that is dedicated to my friends Azordon, Bifrons, Hellfroste, and Dan O)))

    Available for download here:

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