Saturday, March 26, 2011

Farm School Holocaust Review (by Brainscab zine)

Farm School Holocaust: No Human Involved
Noise Head Records
“After the Spark”, “A Gorgeous Rainbow…Smile…Destroy it”, “Cake and Zombies on a Saturday Night”, “The Lion”, “Looks Like a Big Mechanical Penguin”, “You Are Laughing At Me”, “Mindgame”, “A Perfect Night”, “35mm”, “No Human Involved”, “Epic Fail”, “Iron Storm”, should be enough for you to see what Farm School Holocaust is about. For those who need a little more, this is going to be a mix of hardcore, thrash extreme metal. OK, still not enough!!! These hyperactive merchants of mayhem and madness throws out all in a simplistic blast of complicated riffs and leads that only takes a break in between tunes. If that is still not enough then contact the band or their label and experience the Farm School holocaust for yourself…. I believe you will not regret it.

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