Monday, March 14, 2011

FUNERA - Tangled In The Architecture Rust and Razors (Refabrication) Ep

This is a 2 song Ep I just started to review by Funera, it has more substance in it I believe but with its lack of songs on it, it is still has a strong impact to the Ep overall. The songs bring more noise, shrieking vocals, and a beat that continues in a rhythm of a old Swans song to me. I could  faintly hear Michael Gira in this one!

The tones also are stronger, and more of a guitar/electronic driven style. The sounds just bunch up together and make such beautiful noise and anger filled emptiness to it. Its 2nd song Corridors of Spatial Discordance is a song based on a level in a Silent Hill game, but also has meaning behind it as Trauma actually got into a abandoned hospital, went in at ground level but had to go down a flight of steps to get to the other door to get out but he was on the same ground level.. it seems odd to me a place would be like that. It must be loaded with negative energy, just like this music. I would hate to go into a place like that to sleep for a night. 

This music is a lot more demo quality but is more, powerful, then the latest album itself. It is one of my favorites, and one the first songs Trauma introduced me to. I could play them for hours, and never get bored. If you want more punch and kick in Trauma's music, I recommend you download this Ep album now at his bandcamp site. -D
1) Tangled In The Architecture Rust and Razors
Corridors of Spatial Discordance

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